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Numerology is very often used by Tamil people, while deciding the Name of the Baby, Name of the Office, name of the Company, Name of the building / Choosing the Life partner name, etc,. For Example, In English Numerology Chart, For Each English Character, Value is assigned based on the numerology chart listed above. The Total Value of the name of / building decides the numerology astrology of the name talked about. It is believed that, This numerology value plays major role in individual life and their success. Hence, very often people refer Tamil calendar for numerology Chart and their benefits.

If we take example of English Numerology Chart, English Alphabet A denotes numerology value 1 and B denotes numerology value 2, C denotes numerology value 3, D denotes numerology value 4, E denotes numerology value 5, F denotes numerology value 8, G denotes numerology value 3. For H Numerology value is 5, For I & J numerology value is 1, For K numerology value is 2, for L numerology value is 3, for M numerology value is 4, and for N numerology value is 5.

Numerology value for O is 7, Numerology value for P is 8, numerology value for Q is 1, numerology value for R is 2, numerology value for S is 3 and numerology value for T is 4, and numerology value for U is 6. Numerology value for V is 6, numerology value for W is 6, numerology for X is 5, numerology value for Y is 1 and numerology value for Z is 7.

Addition of all these numerology values to the given name indicates the numerology value of the name, which decides the future / happiness / Wealth of the individual / company / building, etc. We may notice, all the Tamil daily calendars contains the Numerology chart with its values, because of its wide usage. Any one want to refer the numerology chart, can refer this page.