lizard falling on Body Part ( Palli Vilum Palan )

Body PartLeft sideRight Side
EarLifeProfit / Gain
ChestGain / ProfitHappy / Comfort
ForeheadWealth / God Lakshmi BlessFocussed
LipDifficultCredit / Gain
KneeLossCompetition / Race

Lizard Falling Astrology

If Lizard fallen on the human body, it denotes the future of the individual in short term / medium term / long term as per Tamil Panchangam calendar. It is called Palli Vilum Palan in Tamil Panchangam Calendar.

lizard falling on your body parts ? Check the Astrology

If the Lizard ( Palli ) fallen on the head of an human body it denotes Riots ( for left side ) and Sorrow for right head. If the Lizard (Palli) fallen on the left stomach, it denotes cereal and for right side "Happiness". If the Lizard fall over the left eye it denotes the Thrills and jail for right side eye. If Palli falls on the Left buttock, it indicates Thrills and right side for Wealth. If palli falls on the left ear it gives you life and Gain / Profit for right side of ear. If it falls on the Left Ankle, it denotes the travel and comfort for right side of the Ankle. If lizard (Palli) falls over the left wrist, it indicates Affliction and right Wrist indicates Popularity.

Effects of lizard falling on body parts | Palli Vilum Palan

If Palli (Lizard) falls on the left Nails, it denotes the Expense and Loss for the right side Nail. If Palli (Lizard) fells on the left Chest, it denotes Gain / Profit and for right chest Happy / Comfort. If Palli (Lizard) falls on the left Forehead, it denotes Wealth / God Lakshmi bless. Similarly if its falls on the right side it indicates you're focused. If its fell on the Spinal of the body part, it indicates Loss and Worried person for right spinal. If the Palli ( Lizard ) fallen on the left Lip it denotes the Difficult and Credit / Gain for the right lip. If the Lizard fallen on the left Knee, then it denotes the Loss and Competition / Race for the right side Knee. If the Lizard fallen on the left side shoulder it gives you Success and Enjoyment for right side shoulder.

Palli Palan (Lizard falling benifits) derived from Ancient Tamil Astrology called Tamil Panchangam and followed over hundreds of years. People around Tamilnadu believes Palli Palan is having science impact inline with the area of fall. To help you to understand the benefits of Palli palan, we have tabulated the benefits as per the Tamil Panchangam Calendar. You can find this Lizard falling benefits in back side of the Tamil Daily Calendar.