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Amavasai' is the word derived from sanskrit. In sanskrit, meaning for amavasai is 'there is no moon' that is 'moon is not visible'. Amavasai is also called as 'New moon day' or 'No moon day', According to hindu lunar calendar, tamil month starts on the day following 'pournami' or 'full moon day' so amavasai falls on middle of the month. Shukla paksha is called as the bright half as the Moon changes from New Moon to Full Moon while in Krishna paksha is a dark phase as it changes from Full Moon to New Moon.

According to hindus, amavasai is very auspicious day. People undergo fasting and worship. Worshiping of forefathers on this auspicious day is very important for hindus. They give 'Tharpanam' (which is a ceremony done using black sesame seeds, holy grass and water) to the departed souls. They make poojas and offer naivedhiyam.

Though amavasai comes in every lunar month, three amavasai namely thai amavasai, aadi amavasai and mahalaya amavasai are very special. Thai amavasai usually comes in the month of january or february. Aadi amavasai usually comes in the month of july or august. Mahalaya amavasai comes in the month of september or october Of all these amavasai, mahalaya amavasai is religiously very important.
People who cannot able to do tharpanam in other amavasai days, can give tharpanam on mahalaya amavasai which is enough to get blessings from the deceased ancestors. On the day of amavasi people will undergo fasting and give tharpanam. Then they take bath in holy water, do poojas and other rituals.We can see lakhs of people giving special tharpanam and taking dip in Rameshwaram, Kasi and other holy rivers. Then they perform all rituals and pay homage to their forefathers.

It is believed that, one who undergo fasting and pay homage to ancestors will be blessed and relieved from all sins.